World Premiere LIVE PERFORMANCE on 14.04.2023 | Alte Münze Berlin

World Premiere FILMVERSION on 05.05.2023 | Here

"The more I tried to move away from love, the faster it caught up with me.
I realized that I couldn't run away from love.
So I decided to learn everything I needed to know about her so I wouldn't be caught unawares by her." Rosalinde

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14.04.2023, 8 pm ANALOG Alte Münze Berlin 

15.04.2023, 8 pm ANALOG Alte Münze Berlin 

16.04.2023, 7 pm ANALOG Alte Münze Berlin

Further dates planned

ab 05.05.2023, 19.30 Uhr DIGITAL Als Stream hier


You've never seen Romeo and Juliet like this.

The classic of romantic theater from a completely new perspective.

Rosalinde was Romeo's first love.

However, only her name had made it into the well-known play. Now, after living alone on the side stage in the dark for several centuries, Rosalinde comes out and reveals the true story behind Romeo and Juliet. She settles accounts with the world and designs her very own love utopia.

ROSALINDE is the first implementation of our new recurring format SIDE-KICKS/MAIN-STAGE.

There, secondary characters from classics of the theater will share their own undramatic perspective on the events of their play. With humor and contemporary, anti-capitalist theory, the classics of theater are calmly questioned, deconstructed and placed in new contexts.

The SIDE-KICKS/MAIN-STAGE consists on the one hand of a classic monologue evening in which the live audience is present. There will also be a digital version on a digital stage on which the performance can be streamed at certain times.




Janek Liebetruth Stage Direction und Producer

Sören Hornung Text
Hannes Hartmann Stage and Costume Design
Arda Funda  Video Design 

Carolin Wiedenbröker Performance

Ah! Kosmos Sound and Music Design



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This production was funded by

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STREAMING FROM 05.05.2023, 7.30 pm